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Developer Advocate

TL;DR: Prismatic is hiring a developer advocate: a legit software engineer with strong communication skills who loves helping other developers succeed.


Have you ever been super impressed by a sample project, tutorial blog post, or a really great set of documentation? If so, it’s very likely that there’s a developer advocate out there who has done a great job. Their focus is to combine their breadth and depth of technical knowledge with their excellent writing and presenting abilities to produce content and develop communities for their fellow developers. If that sounds like something you’re into, and you think you’ve got the necessary skillsets, read on…

Who are we?


We are Prismatic, a tech startup based in Sioux Falls, SD. Our founders previously built and scaled an industry-disrupting software company, and they saw firsthand how software integrations can add huge benefits for end users but are so difficult to work on – for a multitude of reasons – that they often fall short. They started Prismatic to change that. We’re building a purpose-built environment for building, deploying, and managing integrations, with a comprehensive toolset that handles integration requirements such as complex business logic, testing, managed deployment, and an embeddable white-labeled UI. In short, it’s a dev-first integration platform for software companies.

“Dev-first”, you ask? It means we’re passionate about helping developers succeed. That we legitimately want to help them save time and build better software. And that we aim to provide them with not just a top-notch integration platform, but also a top-notch experience for discovering it, trying it out, and adopting it. Sample projects, quick start guides, docs, blog posts, the works. That’s where the developer advocate comes in.

What will the developer advocate do?

  • Create working sample projects to showcase our platform using Node.js, GraphQL, etc.

  • Write documentation, tutorials, blog posts, and other materials to help developers discover, adopt, and succeed with our platform

  • Raise awareness of Prismatic by administering our open source projects and writing general-interest technical blog posts and tutorials for developer audiences

  • Monitor forums and social media for relevant topics; contribute and respond

  • Advocate internally for the needs of developers using Prismatic, distilling feedback from users and also relying on your own experience as the “zeroth developer” using the platform

  • Manage Prismatic’s involvement in the local developer community (Meetups, events, etc.)

  • Speak at industry events

Who are you?

  • You have the technical knowledge and credibility that comes from several years of professional experience in a software development role where you have shipped code to production.

  • You’re highly proficient with Node.js.

  • You’re keenly interested in the latest tech trends and best practices, an adept learner, and develop proficiency with new tools quickly.

  • You’re passionate about and involved in the Open Source community.

  • You have made previous contributions to developer forums and understand developer forum culture.

  • You’re as comfortable writing and speaking as you are coding, or at least close. You can write clearly and compellingly on technical topics, interact comfortably one-on-one, and present to large groups.  

  • You can manage a high-volume workload. 

  • You’re willing and able to travel to industry events.

  • The idea of joining a small tech startup using latest technology and modern best practices is exciting to you. (Think: 12-factor application design, Dockerized development environment, microservices and FaaS-based architecture, unit and E2E testing, code formatting, and code linting integrated into workflow, CI/CD, and GitHub Flow git workflow.)

  • Just as important: focusing on helping developers discover and succeed with our platform, rather than on building the platform, is exciting to you. (We know that wouldn’t be for everyone!)

  • You live in the Sioux Falls, SD area.

And serious bonus points for:

  • Previous experience administering an open source project (show us links!)

  • Previous experience writing technical blog posts and tutorials (again, show us links!)

And now, the good part


We offer:

  • Competitive salary plus equity compensation (We may be a startup, but we’re a well-capitalized one!)

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance

  • Company-paid life and disability insurance

  • 401(k) with company match

  • Unlimited PTO policy

  • The best tools, including MacBook Pro docked to big monitors

  • Free snacks and drinks

  • Weekly company cocktail hour on Friday afternoon

How to Apply

Send your resume to careers@prismatic.io. Tell us which position you're applying for and include a cover letter explaining why you'd be a good fit.