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Build Exactly What You Need

Integrations come in many shapes and sizes, and nothing in the real world is as simple as it seems on paper. Prismatic ensures you always have the tools to build exactly what you need.

A platform that never gets in your way

There's nothing worse than a platform or tool that ends up leaving you cornered when things get complicated. Prismatic has been designed to ensure that never happens.

Flexibility is built into every corner of the platform, from high-level concepts like config variables to powerful capabilities like custom components.

Flexibility built into the integration designer

One of the major tools that enables you to build exactly what you need is the integration designer. Because integrations are built by assembling components, and because components themselves are so flexible, you can construct integrations ranging from very simple to very complex without going out of your way.

Drop to code when you need to

Because the real world is unpredictable, and your integrations sometimes get complex in ways that can't be foreseen, Prismatic includes two ways to drop to code when you need to.

Use the code component to put code inline in an integration without any extra work at all. Or build a custom component that's more powerful and reusable, and publish it for your organization to use throughout the platform.