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Developer Friendly

Prismatic was built from day one with developers at the forefront.

    A tool devs actually like to use

  • Software developers are the lifeblood of any software company. So when we set out to build the best platform for building, deploying, and supporting B2B software integrations, we focused on developers first.

    While much of the platform reduces the workload on developers by empowering other team members, it can only reach its full potential when development teams are able to harness its full power.

  • Focus on dev tools

    A nice web app user experience is important. But it's not how many developers choose to interact with Prismatic. With that in mind, there's significant focus on dev tools - like the API, CLI, and various libraries - to make interacting with the platform developer friendly around every corner.

    Prismatic's API is completely exposed to you so you can automate anything in the platform. And since it's the same API we use internally, you can be sure that it will be extended and supported as the platform grows and changes. Either write GraphQL queries or use one of the API libraries to access it easily from your chosen language.

    Check out the docs for more details.

  • Tons of flexibility

    Every developer's worst nightmare is a tool that falls short with no way to extend it. So we provide ways to extend the platform at every turn to ensure it gets you the whole way there.

    Chief among them are custom components and the library that makes creating them a good experience. Custom components ensure you're never stuck wishing for more control or more flexibility. They're always there when you need them.

  • Integrate into existing ecosystems

    It's important that platforms like Prismatic fit into existing software development processes rather than the other way around.

    Tools like the API, API libraries, and CLI provide the best possible experience fitting Prismatic into your existing CI/CD, source control, and unit testing workflows and toolchain. We've also wrapped the functionality provided by the Prismatic API into a Terraform module that you use with your existing provisioning scripts to make it as quick and easy as possible.