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Empower Non-Dev Team Members

Integrations involve many parts of your organization - from development to services to support. Give everyone the best tools to do their piece without the confusion. And reduce the workload on R&D.

Provide powerful tools for the whole organization

Prismatic empowers teams in your whole organization with access to integration data and tools. This means teams such as support, onboarding, and sales are more able to accomplish their mission with less reliance on R&D. Which dramatically reduces the slow and disruptive back and forth between groups.

Everything about your company's integrations is all in one place and is available to anyone who needs it. From a list of available integrations to which customers have which ones and how they're configured. From detailed logging for production instances to documentation of those instances and their configuration.

Enable customers

Give customers access to integration data and tools as well. Reduce workload organization-wide and empower customers to notice and resolve issues on their by providing tools like logging and alerting directly to key personnel.

You can even white label and embed the customer portal in your application for an integrated, branded customer experience.