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Integration Designer

Build anything from simple to complex, from standard to very bespoke - all in one place.

    Easy-to-use graphical designer

  • Combine components to create integrations

    Easily assemble rich components to create integrations using the intuitive graphical designer.

    Configure integration triggers

    Built-in triggers like webhook endpoints and schedules bring capability without complexity.

    Handle real-world scenarios

    The real world is full of messy integration needs. The flexibility of the designer lets you handle anything.

    Test in real-time

    A built-in testing framework allows you to test in a sandbox as you build integrations so you can iterate quickly.

    Build once and reuse

  • Easily deploy to customers

    Use integration instances to quickly and reliably deploy integrations to one or more customers.

    Manage customer-specific configuration

    Securely manage customer-specific configuration like config variables and authorization credentials.

    Automatically handle versioning

    Built-in versioning throughout the platform enables you to deploy multiple versions of integrations, and everything they depend on, without the complexity.

    Document as you go

  • Quickly understand existing integrations

    The self-documenting nature of the designer makes it easy to understand integrations while they're being built and tested - and years later.

    Organize relevant materials

    Attach any relevent materials to the integration to ensure documentation is complete and can be found by anyone who needs it.

    Completely scriptable

  • Tightly integrate the creation and modification of integrations into your CI/CD pipeline using the API, CLI, and API libraries, and use your existing source control system as the canonical source of truth.