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Manage Deployment Cleanly

Some of the challenges integrations pose are the heterogeneous environments and configurations in which they operate. Use Prismatic to deploy in a way that automates and abstracts much of that complexity.

Deploy reusable integrations easily

Integrations are reusable objects that can be deployed to one or more customers using instances. One of the most central concepts in Prismatic, this abstracts the integration/customer relationship and gives you a simple and powerful way to manage deployment.

Configure customer-specific instances

Each instance of a deployed integration is associated with a configuration. This includes config variables, credentials, alerting profiles, and other items that are customer-specific.

This enables fully reusable integrations without sacrificing the ability to tailor them in customer-specific ways.

Versioning plumbed throughout

In the real world, there are often reasons to have different customers on different versions. Perhaps the third-party system is an old version, or maybe you are canary testing an updated integration before rolling it out everywhere.

Versioning is a first class concept throughout Prismatic - from integrations to components to configurations - which means the complexity inherent in handling it well is yet another thing you don't have to worry about.