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Platform Overview

Prismatic is a comprehensive platform for building, deploying, and supporting integrations.

    A complete toolkit

  • Prismatic provides everything you need to build, deploy, and support your integrations.

    Whether they're simple or complex, standard or bespoke, for one customer or for all your customers, the platform provides the tools you need - all in one place and with the solid underpinnings you expect.

Everything you need

  • Build

    Use the integration designer to easily create reusable integrations ranging from very simple to very complex.

    The component catalog and custom component library provide not just the common building blocks needed to create integrations, but also the ability to easily extend the platform.

    Test integrations as you build them, using the built-in testing framework to avoid the hassles that usually get in your way.

  • Deploy and support

    With customer deployment management as a core part of the platform, managing complexities like customer-specific configuration and versioning becomes straightforward.

    Built-in logging, monitoring, and alerting capabilities empower you to bring first-class support to all integrations, with no additional effort.

    Taking the customer experience one step further, the embeddable customer portal lets you provide platform functionality directly to your customers from within your application.

  • Developer friendly

    Every aspect of Prismatic is built with developers in mind. A focus on dev tools, a high degree of flexibility and extensibility, and easy integration into existing ecosystems make it a platform devs actually like using.

    And because your integrations run in Prismatic's purpose-built environment, there's no infrastructure to manage.