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Reduce Reactive Fire Drills

No one likes a fire drill - not you and not your customers. Dramatically reduce problems and avoid reactive firefighting.

Stability of a purpose-built platform

The best way to avoid the hassle of fixing problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Integrations can only be as stable as the platform they run on, which is why Prismatic gives you a cloud native, horizontally scalable environment that is stable and secure. Built using a modern architecture, the platform's very nature avoids many of the common pitfalls that cause downtime and other issues.

Alert the correct teams when something goes wrong

Many integration issues are outside of your control. Third-party systems change, sometimes without notice. Networks, as reliable as they are, sometimes have problems.

Prismatic's alerting tools enable you to keep tabs on all your integrations across your entire customer base. Configurable alerting rules allow for notifying the correct teams, such as support or DevOps, when various events occur. This means you'll be able to respond quickly and fix problems.

Put information in the right hands

Many of the most important features in Prismatic are focused on making tools for integrations available throughout your organization. This is clearly seens with the platform's built-in logging and debugging tools.

By putting this information in the hands of those on the front lines, your team can quickly find and fix issues that arise, often without ever even engaging R&D teams.