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Early Stage SaaS

Get your B2B SaaS app to market sooner with a purpose-built platform for building integrations quickly. Tools for the whole organization reduce support effort and keep you moving fast.

Reduce time to market

  • Streamline workflow

    Use a single platform to build any integration, regardless of data format, protocol, vertical niche, or complexity.

  • Write less boilerplate

    Use pre-built components to handle common operations like inputs, transformations, outputs, and more.

  • Build exactly what you need

    Drop in components containing your own code when needed, or write reusable custom components.

  • Reduce testing effort

    Use built-in testing tools to configure testing variables, perform test runs, and inspect logs.

  • Demonstrate and iterate

    Share test runs and logs with customers and third-party vendors. Get feedback and iterate quickly to get everything right.

  • Skip the infrastructure

    Don't spend time standing up infrastructure. Your integrations run in Prismatic's purpose-built environment.

  • Minimize integration support

    The right tools reduce time spent on integration support, but take time to build yourself. With Prismatic, top-tier support tools are built right in.

    Text, email, and webhook alerts notify you of integration errors. Easily accessible logs speed up troubleshooting.

    Embed a white-labeled integration portal directly in your product. Customers can self-service with tools like an integration app store, documentation, a log viewer, and configurable alerts.

    Choose a platform that scales

    Build on a platform that will handle the integration challenges that arise as you add more integrations, customers, and team members.

    • Customer deployment management: Deploy unique instances of integrations to multiple customers. Prismatic makes it straightforward to handle customer-specific configuration.
    • Versioning: Third-party APIs change, and industries evolve. Prismatic's robust version handling helps you easily adapt.
    • Access for all: Prismatic provides data and tools for all teams - engineering, onboarding, support, sales - so integration workflows stay smooth as your company grows.