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Empower Non-Engineering Teams

Integration challenges impact your whole organization. Prismatic streamlines the integration lifecycle across all departments and reduces engineering burden.

Tools for your whole organization

Eliminate the slow, disruptive back-and-forth between engineering and other departments. Prismatic empowers services, onboarding, support, and sales teams with access to integration data and tools.

Give customers and vendors access to integration data and tools as well. Customers can use a white-labeled integration portal embedded directly in your product.

    Make your integrations discoverable

  • Onboarding and support teams

    Everything about your company's integrations is all in one place. View a list of available integrations - they're self-documenting so it's easy to see what they do and how. Check which customers have which ones, how they're configured, and consult customer-specific documentation.


    Use a white-labeled app store embedded in your product to search and explore integration offerings.

    Sales teams

    Showcase the app store in demos to highlight your product's overall integration capability and address specific offerings.

Manage expectations during onboarding

When onboarding entails bespoke integrations, it's hard to get customers, third-party vendors, and various internal teams on the same page. Diverging expectations lead to delays and rework.

Store key integration docs in your integration platform, where they can be easily referenced by all parties. Statements of work, timelines, user stories, tech specs, whatever you need.

Share demos and tests

Too often, onboarding teams lack visibility into integration development, and no one's confident that what's being built is what the customer really needs.

Demo test runs for onboarding teams and customers to reduce incorrect expectations. Share test records and logs with customers and third-party vendors to ensure everything's correct before deploying.

Enable support teams to troubleshoot

Fix the slow and lossy integration troubleshooting loop between customers, support teams, and engineers.

Configure text or email alerts to proactively notify customers and support teams of integration errors, and empower them with access to integration logs. Support teams can do more troubleshooting independently and involve developers less often.