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Legacy or On-Premise

A cloud-based, purpose-built integration platform modernizes your legacy or on-premise B2B system, improves customer integration experiences, and reduces time and hassle for your team.

    Modernize with a cloud-based integration platform

  • If you're looking to implement your next integrations in a modern way, a cloud-based integration platform lets you get going right now. Skip the time and cost of building new integration tools and systems in-house.

    If you're undertaking a large-scale modernization effort, integrations are an ideal candidate to target. Prismatic separates integration logic from your core product code, moves it to the cloud, and makes it easier to connect to third-party applications.

Improve customer integration experiences

Integrations have huge potential to enhance customers' experience with your product. With Prismatic, you can:

  • Build more of the integrations customers want
  • Deliver them sooner
  • Better ensure they meet end-user needs
  • Provide proactive, faster support
  • Connect deeper into customers' software ecosystem
  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn

Build, test, and deploy faster

  • Integration designer

    Build faster with an intuitive graphical designer for creating integrations ranging from simple and standard to complex and bespoke.

  • Component catalog

    Write less boilerplate. Build with ready-to-use components for inputs, transformations, outputs, and more.

  • Flexibility and control

    Drop in components containing your own code, or write custom components that can be reused across multiple integrations.

  • Testing framework

    Test as you build. Use built-in testing tools to configure testing variables, perform test runs, inspect logs, and debug.

  • Infrastructure handled

    No need to spend time standing up infrastructure to run your integrations - they run in Prismatic's purpose-built environment.

  • Deploy sooner

    Decouple integration logic from core product code and deploy integrations as soon as they're ready instead of waiting on your release cycle.

  • Streamline customer/vendor processes

    Prevent diverging expectations, delays, and rework. Share platform access with internal teams, customers, and third-party vendors.

    Get everyone on the same page by storing integration documents like statements of work and tech specs right in your integration platform.

    Work through testing and logs with third-party vendors. Perform demos for customers to confirm expectations.

      Reduce integration support effort

    • Alerts

      Notify your teams using text, email, or your existing tools when integrations error or don't run at expected intervals.

      Integration logs

      Check built-in logs to quickly verify integration status, jump-start troubleshooting, and resolve issues quickly.

      Tools for support teams

      Resolve issues faster and decrease reliance on R&D teams with alerts, docs, and log access.

      Customer portal

      Empower self-service with an embeddable integration portal including an integration app store, docs, logs, and alerting.