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Component Catalog & Custom Component Library

Assemble integrations using a wide array of components. Write less boilerplate while retaining full control.

    Wide array of built-in components

  • The flexibilty, simplicity, and power of integrations comes from the components used to build them.

    These components can be divided into four categories, each with their own purpose.

  • Building block components

    Designed to handle the vast majority of your integrations' logic, building block components dramatically reduce your level of effort as you build integrations.

  • Third-party connectors

    These more specific components allow you to connect to various third-party applications with ease.

  • Code component

    The code component allows you to drop JavaScript snippets anywhere in an integration, giving you complete flexibility without building a full custom component.

  • Custom components

    For situations where the built-in components don't quite get your integration to the finish line, the custom component library makes it straightforward and fast to build additional components. They're also a great way to build reusable logic for use in multiple integrations.