Integrations shouldn't be so hard.

Introducing Prismatic, the embedded integration platform that makes it easier for software companies to provide specialized integrations to their customers.

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You build great software. 

But it’s not the only system your customers use. They want a connected technology ecosystem and the time savings that brings. So you also build integrations.

But we all know the integration drill.

Unclear requirements. Jumping through the hoops of different data formats, protocols, and authentication methods. Little advance testing. Complex deployments. Bumpy rollouts. Surprises and rework. Insufficient monitoring, metrics, and alerting. Urgent fixes that interrupt other work.


Integrations are way harder than they should be, from building to deploying to ongoing support. Missed deadlines and missed revenue opportunities. Frustrated teams, frustrated customers, integrations that fall short, and far too much of your engineering capacity.

Let's work smarter.

Prismatic is an embedded iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). It’s a purpose-built environment and comprehensive toolset for building, deploying, and supporting integrations – so you can build better integrations, spend less time on them, and get back to core product innovation.

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