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Finally, an integration platform for B2B software companies.

The easiest way to build, deploy, and support integrations for your customers. Built in a way devs love.
A comprehensive solution to empower your whole organization

Purpose-Built Infrastructure

Don't spend time standing up and maintaining integration infrastructure. Your integrations run in Prismatic's purpose-built environment, designed for security, scalability, and performance.

Intuitive Integration Designer

Empower your Services or Onboarding teams to create reusable integrations. Assemble components within the flexible designer to handle any integration scenario. Testing's built in so you can iterate quickly.

Customer Deployment Management

Handle each customer's unique configuration and credentials by deploying customer-specific integration instances - without dev involvement. Provide proactive support with built-in logging and alerting.

Embeddable Customer Experience

Embed a white-labeled customer integration portal directly into your product. Customers stay in the loop with tools like logs, alerts, and an integration app store. And you field fewer support calls.

Built in a way developers love

Prismatic was built with devs at the forefront, giving you the power to mold the platform to your product, industry, and the way you build software. Why? Because that's what it takes to make an integration platform work in the real world of B2B software companies.

Never leaves you cornered

Every developer's worst nightmare is a tool that falls short and leaves you stuck. We built flexibility into the platform at every turn to ensure you can handle every integration scenario and always accomplish what you need. Learn more.

Fits the way you do things

A platform like Prismatic needs to fit into your source control system, CI/CD pipeline, and your other existing tools and processes. Prismatic's robust CLI and fully exposed API allow you to mold the system to the way you do things. Learn more.

Built by B2B software people

Prismatic was born out of its founders’ experience scaling a B2B software company with hundreds of unique customer integrations. They experienced firsthand how hard integrations can be and saw what a significant impact integrations done right can make for end users and the people they serve.

Prismatic team members have worked in B2B software companies serving niche verticals in industries like healthcare, public sector, agriculture, and fintech. Prismatic passionately believes that software in every industry has huge potential to positively impact the people who use it, and that better, easier integrations can help software companies realize even more of that potential.