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Write Less Boilerplate

No one likes boilerplate - it's time consuming, a maintenance hassle, and boring. Write less of it.

Build using included components

Because integrations are built by assembling components, the component catalog means you'll write a lot less boilerplate. Things like reading and writing data with various protocols and transforming data to both common and uncommon formats are supported with no code at all.

Further, the reusability and encapsulation inherent in the component design means that you can build custom components that extend the platform, reducing duplication of effort from integration to integration.

Run in a purpose-built environment

Because Prismatic is purpose-built for integrations, much of the functionality normally required to be included in integration code is simply part of the platform. Logging and alerting, testing sandboxes, customer-specific configuration, and authorization flows are just a few of the parts of an integration you don't have to build.

Infrastructure you don't have to stand up

By their very nature, integrations often require infrastructure outside your core product. Standing up and maintaining that infrastructure is time consuming.

With Prismatic, your integrations run in our purpose-built environment, created with security, performance, and scalability in mind. Which makes it one less thing you need to worry about.